The Grassy Knoll in Dallas  

The “grassy knoll” has evolved into a perjorative term over the years, as in “What are you, one of those grassy knoll people?”. I heard Chris Matthews shout this once at a historian on his show after the guest had the temerity to report a comment LBJ supposedly made, after the assassination, which suggested that the then new president seriously contemplated the possibility of a conspiracy having been involved in the death of his predecessor. The implication of the “grassy knoll” slur is that anyone suggesting the possibility of a second shooter or a conspiracy in the death of Kennedy is a tinfoil-hat delusionist completely disconnected from reality or respectable social discourse. Unfortunately, in the hands of big-media loudmouths like Matthews, the “grassy knoll” slur has proven to be quite effective in intimidating “lone-nut” doubters into silence.

So is the belief in the possibility of a shooter in the infamous “grassy knoll” area anything to be ashamed of? Of course not. Kennedy’s head motion in the zapruder film, famously described as “back and to the left”, suggests a shot from the front of Kennedy and to his right, which would include the grassy knoll/picket fence area. There is debate about how many “earwitnesses” heard a shot from there, but the number is certainly in the dozens. Furthermore, quite a few people actually saw some suspicious activity in that area as well:

lee bowers
s.m. holland
j.c. price 
richard dodd
james simmons

If you look at these interviews carefully, you’ll notice a significant similarity in the placement of these people – they all had a high vantage point that overlooked the grassy knoll/fence area. In other words, the eyewitnesses to a shooter in the area of the grassy knoll (as opposed to the mere “earwitnesses”) were the ones who would have been in a position to see something, which adds credence to their actually having been a shot fired from where they described it.

You’ll also, hopefully, have noticed that Bowers thought the 2nd and 3rd shots sounded too close together to be from the same rifle, and that Holland corroborates the Connallys testimony that he (Connally) and Kennedy could not have been hit by the same bullet. Notice how their testimony dovetails nicely with the information in my earlier post, JFK: Evidence of Conspiracy.

And if the testimony of Bowers, Holland, Price, Dodd and Simmons isn’t enough, we find that Dallas police chief Jesse Curry also believed in his gut that, due to the direction of biological matter being ejected from the back of Kennedy’s head, one of the shots had to have come from the front, the “official” story notwithstanding.

So the lesson for all of us conspiracy nuts should be, don’t shy away from the “grassy knoll”. We have nothing to be ashamed of.