Catch that? This is Tom Howard, the first attorney Ruby retained after he shot Oswald on 11/24/1963. The video here is from the first day or two after that event, with Ruby in police custody. The key point that jumped out at me was at 1:32 in the video. Howard, quoting Ruby justifying his action in an official statement to the public, states, “I could not get it out of my mind that the Communists had sent Oswald to kill our President.”

WTF Jack? I thought Oswald was supposed to be a “lone nut”. Yet, here is Ruby stating that “the Communists sent” Oswald, explicitly linking him to a broader Communist conspiracy.

And this is not the first time Ruby attempted to make this kind of linkage. Look at the video below. This is Dallas DA Henry Wade’s press conference on the evening of November 22,1963, the day Kennedy was shot. He’s discussing the suspect they have in custody, Lee Oswald. At 0:31 a reporter asks, “What was his [Oswald’s] motive?” Wade doesn’t really have an answer at that point. At 0:52 another reporter asks, “Is he a member of any Communist front organization?” Wade says none that he knows of, but offers that he believed Oswald was a member of the “Free Cuba Movement” [sic], at which point he’s corrected by what everyone assumed was a reporter in the crowd, who helpfully points out to Wade that it was the “Fair Play” for Cuba Committee that Oswald belonged to. Who was the helpful “reporter” that offered this information? You guessed it. Jack Freakin’ Ruby.

Now exercise your critical thinking skills and ask yourself why Ruby is going out of his way to link Oswald to a Communist conspiracy. There is one answer that occurs to me, and if you’ve read a lot of books on this topic you know where I’m going already – it’s because that’s the way the original frame-up of Oswald was supposed to work, and Ruby is well aware of that fact. It’s the theory put forth most recently by James Douglass in his book “JFK And The Unspeakable“. The idea, and I’m paraphrasing, is that the JFK hit was basically a “false flag” operation carried out by elements of our own national security state. From the vantage point of the conspirators, you get rid of two birds with one stone – eliminate a President (JFK) who you think is dangerous to national security by being soft on Communism, while at the same time pinning the blame on your enemies – the “Communists” – possibly including the Soviet and/or Cuban governments. The latter objective, if achieved, gives you a ready-made causus belli to do something you’ve believed it’s been necessary to do for years and which the sitting President (Kennedy) had repeatedly refused to do – invade Cuba and overthrow Castro. That’s why it’s especially important to link Oswald with “the Communists” and that “Communist front organization” – the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. Thanks to a prior CIA op in New Orleans, Oswald by this time is thoroughly sheep-dipped as major player in that outfit. It would explain why Ruby was so eager to remind everyone of the association.

What eventually happened was that the more responsible elements of our government balked at the implication of possible Soviet/Cuban involvement in JFK’s death (or, even worse, the evidence of a deliberate frame-up of Oswald that would implicate elements of our own national security apparatus), and quickly began painting the portrait of Oswald as a “lone nut”. In the clips I’m including here, that hasn’t happened yet, and Oswald is still a “Communist agent” as helpfully defined by Ruby, who’s just playing his role.

This is all just speculation and theory, of course. Is there any other evidence to support it? I guess you’d better stay tuned to this blog to find out.