Professor Jerry Kroth gives a neat summary here of his conclusions regarding the JFK assassination and the parties he believes were responsible. I did notice a couple of mistakes in his presentation – he mentions some chicken bones found in the school book depository and speculates that they could have come from LBJ henchman Mac Wallace who may have been hiding out there in anticipation of shooting the president. In fact, the chicken bones were put there by depository employee Bonnie Ray Williams and were the leftovers of his lunch, as he testified before the Warren Commission. At another point, Kroth states that no one was ever prosecuted for Kennedy mistress Mary Meyer’s murder – this is not true. Raymond Crump, Jr. was arrested and tried, but acquitted. The murder of Meyer (who was 44 at the time, not 46), is still officially unsolved. Peter Janney, who knew Meyer as a child, recently wrote a book in which he implicated his own father, CIA agent Wistar Janney, as having been complicit in her murder.

Other than those relatively minor oversights, I think Kroth does a fairly solid, objective analysis in this video. Some of his conclusions dovetail with my own regarding the significant actors in the plot – specifically the mafia, James Files, and the CIA. I think I disagree with him slightly on the central role of LBJ, for reasons I hope to detail in future posts. I do think LBJ probably knew the hit was coming, and I think his power base in Texas cooperated, but I’m not sure LBJ was the “mastermind” some researchers think he was.

Anyway – this video is a good starting point for the kinds of things I hope to discuss in the next few weeks on this blog (50th anniversary coming up, and all), so if you have any interest at all in the JFK assassination, I suggest you check it out!