I apologize to my loyal viewers that every time I post a video interview of self-confessed JFK “grassy-knoll” shooter James Files it gets yanked by Wim Dankbaar, who owns the rights to all this stuff. Well this one was posted by Wim himself (thanks, Wim) so I’m pretty sure it won’t get pulled this time. Files actually made two lengthy videotaped confessions, the first one in 1994 (the first 30 minutes of which are shown here), and a second one in 2003 which you can purchase from Wim’s site, JFKmurdersolved.com.

Having seen the full 2003 interview and much of this one, I agree with Dankbaar that Files seems consistent in the two accounts, and that the fact that he’s so nervous here and so decidedly more relaxed in the 2003 interview adds to the believability of his story. In this first interview, he’s giving the full confession on tape for the first time, so he’s understandably agitated. It’s up to each viewer and/or amateur JFK sleuth to decide for him or herself whether they believe Files. I myself find him pretty believable. If he’s acting here, he should get an Academy Award.