For the 15th anniversary of 9/11, this naïve young interviewer asks WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein to “Take us through your day on 9/11.”

Lol. He didn’t really think he’d get an answer, did he? Instead of the minute-by-minute account the young man was probably hoping for, he got a rambling cliché-ridden speech about how jumbled and chaotic the day was and how Larry couldn’t really remember anything. Surprise, surprise. Silverstein has finally gotten smart and stopped giving detailed interviews regarding the topic, except to point out his determination that “this will not stand”, and “we will rebuild”, blah blah blah. The usual patriotic boilerplate. We heard nothing about being absent from work due to a dermatology appointment or how his two children also conveniently failed to show up at the office that day. No mention of telling the fire department to “pull it” when referring to Building 7.

See my previous post for details on all of the problematic interviews Silverstein gave in the years immediately following 9/11. He’s obviously learned the old adage, “loose lips sink ships”.