Namely, the notion that “Trump’s win was illegitimate because Russia and Vladimir Putin ‘hacked’ the election in order to damage Hillary”.

Except that all of the material that was supposedly damaging to Clinton, i.e. the DNC and Podesta emails, came from WikiLeaks. And as you can see in this interview, Julian Assange made it clear, repeatedly, that none of the WikiLeaks material came from Putin, Russia, or any other “state actor”.

But that didn’t prevent a chinless cuck like NBC’s Chuck Todd from repeatedly asserting the bogus meme that “17 American intelligence agencies” confirmed that Russia “hacked the election.” Oh yeah? Show me the evidence, Bitch.

In fact, we’ve seen no evidence at all of Russian involvement.

Many in the national security apparatus are frightened of a Trump presidency, since he’s not beholden to many people and might be seen as a loose cannon. So, instead of killing him, they’re attempting to delegitimize his election by claiming that he owes it all to his dear old friend Vlad, our supposed mortal enemy.

But truth be told the leaked material came from people within the DNC and from elsewhere in the Democrat Party apparatus itself, not from Russia, and this might explain the untimely murder of DNC “voter outreach” specialist Seth Rich back in July. Assange himself clearly hinted on Dutch TV that Rich had been the source of leaked material and might have been murdered for that reason.

So when the major media complain about “fake news”, they’re projecting. People always accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of.