Great interview with Mark Steyn on Tucker Carlson last night. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, Amazon, et. al. are so huge they are de facto public utilities, and they are using that monopoly power to bury unpopular speech. Imagine if the postal service didn’t like your political views and prevented you from sending any mail. Imagine if the phone company didn’t like your position on global warming and decided to ban you from using the phone. Imagine if one company owned all of the publishing in the world and prevented any un-PC publication from going to print. What if one company controlled all of the banking in the United States and the world and decided it didn’t like your stance on the issue of immigration policy and decided to prevent you from using any banking services so that you couldn’t support yourself or make a living?

The latter is exactly what PayPal has done to It doesn’t like VDARE’s positions on immigration so it has decided to cripple the site by choking off it’s revenue. All over the internet, alt-right and even mildly conservative sites, channels, books, and Facebook pages are being “disappeared” by Big Tech for expressing unpopular or conservative opinions.

Google, Twitter, Facebook, Paypal, and Amazon need to be either broken up, as Standard Oil was 100 years ago, or prevented by law from exercising any kind of content discrimination.