It’s an odd paradox that in our current internet age, with more information available to the average person than ever before, there seems to be less and less agreement about anything. This is especially true when people argue about what are commonly referred to as “conspiracy theories”. While the internet has amounted to a quantum leap in our ability to quickly access information, what’s tended to happen is that a person will accumulate facts which support his/her preexisting point of view, while the other side marshalls facts which support the opposite perspective. For most issues, one can persuasively argue either side of the coin using ample amounts of material available to anyone and everyone with internet access.

     I’ve created this site in the hope of bringing a healthier dose of objectivity to the overall discussion of these types of “taboo”, or non-mainstream topics. Who killed JFK? Was 9/11 an inside job? What happened at Roswell? I don’t know since I wasn’t there, and neither were you.

     I’ve always had a lot of fun researching these controversial subjects. I have my opinions, but I’m always open to debate. My hope is to futher the discussion, and to share some things I think I’ve learned along the way. I know that others enjoy the pursuit of truth as much as I do and will share what they’ve learned, and along the way we might just figure something out. It sounds corny, but it’s the journey that counts, not the destination.